Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Bowdoinham Chicken Run???

I have no idea what Bowdoinham means but I do know its a beautiful part of the world. Located near the eastern shore of Maine just north of Portland this small community is a cool place to live or visit in my case. Great environment and really cool people.

On top of that, they held a 5k Chicken Run there this past weekend. My brother-in-law who has been living there with his family and active in this community for a number of years recently decided to take up running. I am psyched for him to have participated in and completed this race. WAY TO GO IMAN.

Can't wait to run with you!



  1. Do you know why I finished that run at all? In fact, why I did start running again at all?

    I asked you why you suggested I take up running. And you said, "Because I want to run with you".

    Well, ya know what? I want to run with you to.

    Good luck in the 50K Bro and stay strong.

  2. I meant to say "too" and I also meant to say "50-MILER"!!! Doh!

  3. Eric,
    So proud of you and so excited for you. Know that "in spirit" I'm running next to you in the race and over that finish line.
    Thank you, thank you for the money you have been able to generate to help find the cures for all of us who remain optomistic and hopeful.

    Love you,


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