Thursday, September 17, 2009

Training for The North Face Endurance 50 Miler

This morning was my last training run. Just a few miles along the East River at sunrise with Tani (see photo). A great way to finish off months of hard work. I could not do it with out her support. Thanks babe.

During the past several months I have talked about this race The North Face Endurance 50 Miler and training quite a lot. Usually after people get done telling me how crazy they think I am they become interested in knowing how one trains for such an event. "How often do you run?" or "How far did you go this weekend?" are typical questions. I am not sure how experienced ultra runners do it but here is what I did. Hope it works!

16 week schedule
4 runs per week*
1 cross training day per week
2 rest days (obviously)
Low mileage week 9 miles**
High mileage week 69 miles
Longest run 5 hrs 28 miles
Longest back to back 9 hrs 51 miles
Total cross training approx. 26 hrs
Total mileage 730.3

*1 interval, 1 tempo, 2 long back to back days
**neck flare up :( followed by motorcycle trip to Maine :)



  1. Good luck on Saturday. We will be thinking of you through out the day. Maybe I can get the rabbi to throw in a quick prayer for you during services on it too late for me join you?

    I wish I had some words of wisdom to bestow upon you. All I have is...Go Daddy Go... See you on the other side.


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