Friday, October 30, 2009

And so the story goes...

I wrote this post last year prior to the NYC Marathon and with it right around the corner again I thought why not repost the story. I remember this day back in 2006 like it was yesterday, and so many amazing things have happened in my life since that first moment of inspiration.

I was running in Central Park at 5am this morning thinking about many random things in my life as usual. I ran by Tavern on the Green with set up for The ING New York City Marathon finish in full swing and it brought me back to what got me started on what many refer to as this "running thing". This "thing" which has become a very important part of my life began the morning of the 2006 NYC Marathon. It has always been one of my favorite days in the City as everyone comes together with tons of positive energy. If you have not been to NYC for the Marathon I encourage you to go even if you don't know anyone running.

I was sipping on a Bloody Mary in my girlfriend Tani's apartment watching pre-race stuff and getting primed for a big party on 1st Avenue. There was a story about some lunatic who was about to run his 50th Marathon in 50 days. Of course this lunatic was Dean Karnazes and his story would amaze me and eventually inspire me to get off my ass.

I ran NYC back in 2001 basically on a dare from a friend and participated in a number of adventure races a couple years later but at some point other than a weekly softball game I really stopped getting out there. After seeing Dean on TV and reading his book Ultramarathon Man I became somewhat obsessed....fine completely obsessed as Tani can attest. First with his achievements and then with creating my own. I told Tani, if this guy can run the way he does I can certainly run a few miles a day. And so it began..... Just a few miles at a time at first but rather quickly I became seriously engaged with pushing myself.

During the next 2 years I ran a number of 4 and 5 milers, ran up the Empire State Building twice (never again), ran 3 half marathons (Central Park 2008 1:40 pr) and 2 more ING NYC Marathons (2008 3:28 pr). I had also signed up for my first Ultra, The North Face Endurance Challenge 50k DC which was cancelled in 2008 due to a hurricane. As fate would have it we did get to meet Dean for the first time so that was cool (see photos).

This year I ran the The North Face 50k at Bear Mountain and The North Face 50miler DC and will be at the Stone Cat Marathon Trail Race in about 3 weeks. Even Tani caught the bug with a couple of 4 milers and her first 10k this year at Bear Mountain.

Now several thousand miles and a couple hundred Bloody Marys later I am training for my first 100 miler, the Moab 100 on March 27th in Utah. I have become friendly with many new people during this journey, David, Scott, Aram, Tony, Debra, Steph, Amy, Kristen, Pete to name a few. And I have the sense there will be many more. I have also become actively involved in my chosen charity the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. I was informed yesterday that I am the first MMRF Ultra Distance Runner and look forward to continued work with them in their new Run Your Own Race series.

Thank you......

Dean for putting yourself out there...

Tony for taking an interest and helping to get me ready...

David for being a friend and running many, many early mornings with me...

My Family & Friends for supporting this "thing"...

My boys Jared & Kyle for getting excited every time I go further...

To my girlfriend Tani, for supporting the 4am alarms, the hours and hours of training, the running books I read, the diets the powders the gels, the dozens of pairs of smelly shoes all over the place, the ever changing gear I buy, my passion and for being the best "pit crew" anyone could have.

But mostly thank you for being a great step-mom, becoming my wife and mother of our child (coming Feb 2010). I love being "out there" with you.



  1. "Some lunatic who was about to run his 50th marathon in 50 days" - LOL

    I am still going to Stone Cat, but I decided that 6 days in between JJ100 and Stone Cat is too short a period of time, so I will just volunteer instead.

  2. Love the 'thank you's'-The key to happiness is gratefullness ...and you sound really happy.

    And now you've signed up for a 100!!!
    After my first 1/2, I swore I would never run longer, same for the full marathon, same for the 50 K. Thats it. No longer than the 50 K....I think. But then again, look at you :)

  3. Thank YOU for including me on this adventure. I love you! I think Baby Gelber and I need to be at Moab...How could I not be there for your first 100 miler?


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