Sunday, October 11, 2009

Chicago Marathon

A quick congrats to my friends Kristen and Tony who both ran today. It would have been nice to follow them throughout the race which is what I thought the tracking I signed up for last week was intended to do.

I received a 10k update for Kristen around 10am and thats it! (A freind of Kristen's received a 10k update on Monday LOL)

I received the following updates for Tony:
1/2 at 11:18am
10k at 1:50pm (1.5hrs after finish)
30k at 5:07 pm (4.5 hrs after finish)
30k at 5:52 pm (5hrs after finish)

What is the point of offering the service? Now that I got that off my chest....

Great job guys. Kristen and Tony finished around 4hr45min and 3hr44min respectively and had a great time.


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