Sunday, November 22, 2009

I Think I Am Still Dizzy!

Yesterday was the Knickerbocker 60k in Central Park, NYC. This was my 4th and final race of the year with my upcoming foot surgery on 12/3 (I look forward to coming back and running pain free for the first time in a couple of years). This has been an amazing year of running for me as I have gone further in a day and year than I imagined possible. I look forward to many new experiences next year.

Despite 9 dizzying 4 mile loops after a short out and back, the day was a perfect end to a great year. The weather was sunny high 40s low 50s. Tani was there as always with her encouraging smile and I was running with several new friends I met this year through running. This was the first time I have ever run a race with others from start to finish. I spent the entire 6 plus hours with Tony and Lynne. While I run alone most of the time in training and racing I must admit there is a lot to be said for running with others. We had a great time, telling stories, laughing, joking and in the end pushing each other to keep going. I am sure I will run many miles alone in the future but I am excited to share many miles with my friends too.

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