Tuesday, December 22, 2009

19th Day Post Op "ALMOST READY"

Here it is 19 days after foot surgery and looking good. Stitches removed, PT ongoing and I am really itching to get out there and run. I am definitely frustrated living vicariously through the other blogs I follow, and runners I am friends with although it helps a little. I do need to thank my wife Tani for her unwavering support and patience. She always keeps me positive. I also want to thank Heather and Tony Portera for their encouragement the past couple weeks.

So, every morning I wake up and hope this is the day I will run and then after a couple of steps I realize it's not. Today on the way to the gym I thought I may try a few minutes on the treadmill. Then I had to run about 15 feet crossing the street to get out of the way of a wild NYC cab driver. Even at 5am they are nuts. Needless to say those few steps changed my mind so no running today either. While the swelling has gone down dramatically (actually in a regular shoe for the first time yesterday) there is still substantial stiffness with both up and down movement and of course the post op soreness which turns painful with enough weight and pressure.

That being said, I continue to improve and I may actually be ahead of the schedule given to me by my doctor prior to surgery. 4-6 week before I could run he said. I am hopeful I will be on the short side of 4 as my recovery has gone like this:

1. 3 days crutches & boot
2. 3 days 1 crutch & boot
3. 11 days boot only
4. 2 days shoes:)
5. 2 pt sessions (3rd tomorrow)
6. Daily pt at home
7. 1st good workout today at the gym
8. Crossing fingers for a short run this weekend


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