Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stormy Nights Bring Beautiful Mornings

The last two days brought intense rains to the NYC area with last nights storm raging for hours. I heard the wind and rain outside most of the evening as it woke me several times. When I left the house a little before sunrise the rain had just slowed to a slight drizzle.
When I arrived at Rockies the sun was just starting to rise, with temperatures in the mid 40s and the rain all but gone it was perfect for my first run since foot surgery 24 days ago. I love being out right after any storm, rain or snow. Something about being out there first to enjoy the calm that always follows, everything always seems so fresh and new to me at that time.
After about 75 minutes I managed to squeak out 4.5 miles running and walking. The running was uncomfortable but the morning was beautiful. The streams were overflowing and the wildlife was active.

No its not the Colorado! Its the Pocantico River.

Hope you got out there to enjoy your morning too. Peace!


  1. Hey Eric-
    Great news that you were able to get out there to run today! I am so happy for you. I hope it will get easier and hurt less each time. It was a beautiful morning!
    Hang in there my friend!
    Jane Hoffmann

  2. Hey Jane, Thanks so much. Hope to see you soon. E


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