Sunday, January 24, 2010

Feeling Like I'm Back.... to Back

As it relates to running, the past 2 months have consisted of recovery, therapy, worry, hope and patience (or impatience). While I have made numerous efforts to work out and run/walk since my foot surgery to try and maintain sanity, this week was the first in the last 8 I have considered a true test. I planned and completed:) my first full training week with 4 runs (40 miles) and about 2.5 hours of cross training.

The most significant accomplishment was running back to back days this weekend including 15 miles Saturday and 9 today. Although not very long, back to back is key for me . The back to back long runs have made the most significant difference in my conditioning this past year, and I believe all the physical difference for completing the ultras I have run to date. It is clear my endurance has suffered from the layoff, but my desire and love of running and new experiences has not and for the first time since surgery I have 100% committed to Moab in March.

I can't wait to experience a 100 mile effort. Just the thought of it give me butterflies.

The runs at Rockies yesterday and today were typically beautiful chilly mornings here in Westchester. David and I hit the trail before sunrise around 6am both days, temperatures of 23 and 26 degrees and not another footstep to be heard. I look forward to many more training runs with my friend who is now training for his first marathon which will be at Bear Mountain this May. Certainly a challenging 26.2 for your first or any other.

Photos of Swan Lake at sunrise and David easily cruising the overlook.

Looking forward to all the experiences ahead and mostly to the arrival of "Baby I". Tani is doing great and the date is just 2.5 weeks away.



  1. Great job on the B2B. How does the toe fare? does it swell at all? Wow, a 100 miler AND a new baby. Sounds like its gonna be a great year!

  2. Love the BLOG Eric! i just joined as a follower. What a georgous shot of you running in the snow. When is the baby due?

  3. Toe swells a little but not to bad anymore. Just some soreness that builds the longer I go.

    Baby is due in 2 weeks.


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