Friday, January 29, 2010

PT Complete

It felt like forever going through it and I often wondered if I made the right choice. Now that it's over it does not seem so bad. I had my foot surgery 57 days ago, stitches out 43 days ago, my first physical therapy session 42 days ago and my last session 2 hours ago. Although there is still some stiffness and soreness my foot is dramatically different (better). Prior to surgery I had about 10 degrees of movement in my big toe both towards and away from me. While the movement has not changed going away much, about 12 degrees, today I had my big toe at about 75 degrees towards me (that is of course the important direction for running, or walking for that matter).

Post surgery photos: Above 5 days, with boot 10 days, right 19 days and at bottom today.

Moving on and back to focusing on running rather than recovery.



  1. You had to throw those nasty foot pictures up there again !?!

  2. Nice Eric, glad da toe is ready to pound some trails this year!!


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