Friday, February 19, 2010

First Run with my Son

Last night when I got home my youngest son told me he wanted to go for a run with me in the morning. I was not sure if he was serious. We have touched on the subject before and while I would love nothing more I never want to push that.

Well sure enough he was serious. When I returned home this morning around 8:30 am from my morning run the first thing out of his mouth was "Can we go now Dad". Of course the answer was yes.

After a little breakfast and tracking down his sneakers out the door we went. As the trails near us are all snow covered and icy I thought it best to keep the first run on the road. We ran up and down the street in our development about 6 times for a total distance of 1.5 miles. I think he wanted to run forever but I shut it down.

Not really sure what appropriate distances are for a young boy but I guess I will just use my best judgement. We are going to shoot for the same tomorrow and then maybe we can squeak out 2 miles one day soon.

This was certainly a special moment and even if he chooses to no get into running I will remember it forever. A couple videos below too. Peace

video video


  1. Congrats on being an inspiration to your son. But.. look out! My first mothers day 5k with my daughter had her waay behind me. Last yr when she was only 12, she was only 2 mins behind me. Won't be long b4 she is breathing down my neck! Look out! Here he comes!!!

  2. Thats great Heather. I cant' wait for him to run by me.


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