Monday, February 8, 2010


I am so happy to tell you that Tani delivered our beautiful baby girl Isla Skye this past Friday at 11:03pm.

After 30 hours of labor with virtually no sleep they both came through like a champ and finished so strong. Both Tani and Isla are home, healthy and doing great.

While we were in the hospital I kept being reminded of running. Although I would not dare suggest running an ultra is anything close to giving birth, you have to admit there are a number of striking similarities.

First you need a crew. Our crew consisted of one (until the finish line of course) and my job was breathing coach, emotional supporter, traffic director and most importantly fetcher of the coveted ice chips.
Both mother and daughter were constantly monitored for heart rate, blood pressure and contractions. Baby's heart rate in red was hovering in the 150s most of the time just like me on a long run. That big hill climb on the bottom is a contraction.

Then of course when the baby was born she was fitted with her first timing chip. I could not blame them, look how fast those feet look (clearly a future ultra runner in the making). It's actually a lo jack devise that keeps anyone from removing the baby from the hospital (pretty cool, and comforting).
I am feeling so lucky and ready for the next adventure.



  1. Congrats! Beautiful baby. I love how you compare childbirth to ultra-running. Too funny!

  2. LOL yes this is a great post...

    Congrats Eric to you and Tani, way to bring in another ultra runner !!! Love the pics! what a cutie!


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