Friday, March 19, 2010

Unsure But Determined

When I decided to run my first 100 mile race many months ago it seemed so far away. Even with our baby on the way and a busy work schedule I felt I had plenty of time to train and there was no doubt in my mind I would be ready. I was confident if I put in the same effort I did for my first 50 miler, with a few longer runs it would all be good.

Well here we are just a week prior to the Umstead 100-Mile Endurance Run and I am anxious as usual. But this time I am feeling somewhat unprepared. As I wrote about in several posts, a nagging condition called hallux rigidus which was significantly aggravated during the Stone Cat Trail Marathon brought me to the decision to have surgery back in December. With no serious exercise or running until late January 2010 I have had the feeling there is no way I will be ready. Typically when I decide to run a race I plan all of my training for several months (16 weeks) leading up to the race. Not that I don't deviate from my plans on occasion as life may dictate, but this time, the time off put a serious dent in my conditioning and confidence.

Below is a comparison of my training for my 1st 50 miler and 100 miler. I tried to make it up in intensity without injuring myself but as you can see there is a difference in time and totals.

I have begun to manage my expectations while still focusing on my goal of finishing in under 24 hours. I hope that my determination, support from Tani who will be there as always (baby Isla in tow), and of course the thought of all those with cancer and the MMRF for which I run.

If it is not yet obvious I get a little wacky before a new intense experience. I can't wait to be in the middle of it:)



  1. All you need to do is free your mind, grasshopper - and you will be ready (of course proper nutrition is right up there with freeing your mind)...

    I look forward to hearing about it. Do you wear a GPS device during events? I'd love to see that mapped out after the event. Then again, as I'm writing this, I realize the battery life is somewhat less than 24 hours ;-)

  2. Thanks G-Man. I will try to relax and not drink too much this week. I do have a Garmin (20 hr life) and I will be sure to send you the chart. Although it will be the same 12.5 mile loop over and over so perhaps the first 2 hours or so will be enough:) Peace

  3. Eric, lace up your shoes on race day, get to the starting line, and simply run the best and smartest race you can. That said, take it EASY the for the first half. Even if you went into it with the absolute best training possible, its still 100 miles. Eat, drink and take your supplements on the watch. Don't go by "how you feel". When you feel hungry our thirsty, its too late. Eat when you don't want too. Eat what you ate in training, but don't be surprised when that doesn't work. And when it doesn't, plan on gels and soup, especially in the second half. Just remember that if you are moving forward you are that much closer to your goal.

    Rock it!

  4. Thanks Will! I appreciate the tips. Peace


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