Tuesday, April 13, 2010

100 Miles! Answers to the many questions.

It has been over 2 weeks since my first 100 miler and I have detailed my experience for anyone who has expressed an interest in the story. It has been an interesting couple of weeks but often difficult to summarize many things in any one conversation of 2 minutes or less. So as I have done in the past I thought I would put together a quick summary.

The Course:
12.5 mile loop on groomed trails 8 laps for a total of 100 miles
1,000 feet per loop for a total of 8,000 feet.

Pre-Race Nutrition:
40 oz water
2 packets raisin spice oatmeal
1 banana

Estimated Race Nutrition (tough to remember exactly):
300 oz water
100 oz water /5 servings Perpetuem
300 oz Gatorade
11 servings Hammer Gel
3 servings Shot Blocks
2 bananas
Several slices of cantaloupe
2 potatoes rolled in salt
3 cups chicken noodle soup
1 cup chicken rice soup
2 PBJ sandwiches
1 bite of pizza (nearly tossed my cookies)
1/2 hamburger w/ketchup
2 S-caps
1 chocolate chip cookie

Post Race Nutrition:
2 Pancakes
1 glass OJ
40 oz water
1 Becks Dark
After several hours of sleep my lovely wife bought me Wendy's.
Weight Loss:
Not sure about during the race but I dropped a total of 6 lbs (4%) during the week following the race with almost no exercise (I think I gained it all back after tail gaiting at the Cuse game and BBQ with Matt and Cori this past weekend).

The temperature was varied from the low 30s to the mid 50s, so my clothing varied too from shorts and singlet to several layers, jacket, hat, gloves and pants. I wore 2 different pairs of shoes and socks as I thought it would help with blisters.

It has taken me over 2 weeks to feel nearly fully recovered. My legs are still tired but ok other than what is becoming a nagging upper leg pain.

Will I do it again?:



  1. Congrats on a fantastic 1st 100-miler. "Will I do it again?" - LOL - That's an interesting question to ask, considering you are already signed up for another 100 in October!


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