Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

Today was a very special Mother's Day. Tani was not only celebrating her commitment to Jared & Kyle but also her first Mother's Day since the birth of our daughter Isla just 3 months ago. So why not make this the day for her first post delivery run. And so, Tani ran the 5k at Bear Mountain which at any distance is technically and vertically challenging. It was a cold and windy day out there and I was so excited to see her take off into the trails (see video below).

As I sat there waiting for her return I could not help but think how many times she has sat there waiting for me for hours and hours, and I could not have been more proud to be sitting there waiting for her. Until she reappeared with a big smile and a swollen ankle.

Happy Mother's Day Babe. You did it! Peace


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  1. Thanks for your support and inspiration. Love you Babe!


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