Friday, June 25, 2010


I recently read a post on a new blog started by my friend and brother-in-law Iman, called FIT AT FIFTY-THE LAST LEG-WHAT'S IN A NAME?. His thoughtful writing will encourage you to think, speak and challenge yourself mentally and physically and I can guaranty you a few laughs along the way. In this particular post he commented on his original workout gear, old style running shorts and a cotton t-shirt. I immediately began thinking about all the gear I have collected the past few years.

I always thought running was a very minimalist sport. All you need to do is put on your shoes and out the door you go right? In its simplest form yes! However, as I continue to enjoy this ride my desire to learn more and test new boundaries has driven an insatiable appetite for more gear.

First of course you gotta have shoes. I have currently amassed some 25 pairs. Eighteen of them I don't use anymore and I am donating to charity (please let me know if you are aware of one that will come pick up all these old soles, or a drop off in Westchester). I have another 7 pairs of both trail and road shoes in my current rotation.

Next, was a big surprise, even to me. Somehow I have managed to acquire 27 technical shirts (long & short sleeved), 12 pair of running and compression shorts and 3 cold weather running pants. Note, several of the shirts are courtesy of my charity of choice MMRF.

To conclude Vol. I of GOT GEAR? 18 pairs of moisture wicking socks (many courtesy of Drymax), 8 hats (lids & cold weather), 5 pairs of gloves and mittens, 2 cold weather face masks, 1 pair of ankle gaiters and 5 jackets.

When I first look at these photos it seems nuts to me too, but I can point out why I may have acquired any particular item and when I like to wear certain articles.

Next up in GOT GEAR? Vol. II, I will cover the other stuff, including hydration, safety, nutrition, travel/storage and probably numerous miscellaneous toys.

Remember to support a charity and keep enjoying the ride. Peace E


  1. Eric: I really enjoyed reading all your posts to date in your blog! What a great thing you're doing and it's so wonderful that your family is also able to participate along with you! I have to say that reading your blog and of course working with you made me want to donate to this cause and contribute for your efforts which are very impressive.

  2. Hey Sue, Thanks for the kind note and of course your donation. E

  3. Eric is a beast like that...You might have more gear than I do now...I'm gonna have to do inventory.

    Thanks for the mention, and you're right, it's always great to give back. I'm a Rotarian, and also serve on the local Big Brothers Big Sisters Board of Directors.



  4. Eric, you need to do some serious housecleaning. If you havn't used it in a year, get rid of it (good will or salvation army will take the stuff all day long). Yea, I should follow my own advise!

  5. House cleaning indeed Will. I have since bagged up many items and will be placing a call to Big Brothers & Sisters in my area per my son's request.


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