Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Whole Family Ran

Amazing weekend of fun for us all. As we all know here in the Northeast it was mighty hot. That did not stop me, Tani, Kyle and Jared from participating at The North Face events in Virginia this weekend. Its called The North Face Endurance Challenge Washington, DC but lets give credit where its due. The entire event takes place in Virginia. More details to follow this week but for now:

I ran the 50 miler and finished.

Tani ran the 5k and finished.

Jared & Kyle ran the 1k and finished.

We got to see our family and friends and we all had an amazing time. Special thanks must go to Diana (also ran and finished the 5k) & Tom who once again were great hosts. If you are ever in Virginia you should stay there. They will provide you with shelter, food, all the beer you can drink and if you are lucky, send you home with a nice bottle of scotch.



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