Monday, July 5, 2010

What makes you feel free?

This past Saturday morning I rolled out of the house just before 7am for a long run. Not because I am training, but purely because I felt like it and the roads here in upstate New York's Otsego County are beautiful. With rolling hills through state forests and endless farmland it makes me feel as if I could run forever. The only plan was to run out to Arnold Lake and back with my exact route determined at each turn.

Running solo through this landscape brings about a series of wonderful moments and thoughts.

I am out here alone,
but feel so full of life and energized.
I often notice a smile on my face and goose bumps on my arms as I crest one hill after the other.
I am so lucky to be out here and with the full support of my family.
"Is this what freedom feels like? "
It was an amazing morning. After more than 4 hours and 25 miles, I thought "why not run around the block to make it 26.2 miles and complete the inaugural Oneonta Fat Ass Marathon"? 2010 was a great event and perhaps next year some friends will join me. If not that's OK too. I could run out here with my thoughts forever:)

"What makes you feel free?"



  1. Great pics of the area. I agree, its those 'non training runs' that you do -just for the fun of it that really make you feel free... and those occasional days where nothing hurts, everything is limber and you can run really fast thru the trails like a teenager!!

  2. Even if you had asked me this without posting an entry, I would have said a run. But not just any run...the runs that really make me feel free? Running in the off-season (when I'm not training for anything...while the sun is coming up...and most of all, in a new place on a route I've never run (possibly even making one up as I go - as you did.

    I also get a huge feeling of self-empowerment when I do a run or ride in a situation where most others would not. Two of my most memorable 'free' days were: 1) Riding 30 miles to the top of Mt. Evans; the highest paved road in the US. and 2) Running 10 miles through heavy snowfall on the backroads of Appleton, WI. I've never felt so free....

    I would've enjoyed that run with you. Thanks for sharing, Eric.


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