Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friends Running The Erie Canal

This past Sunday I had the pleasure of joining a few friends as 2 two of them began an exciting journey to be the first to run the entire length of the Erie Canal. Their adventure will take them through many towns along roads and trail over the next 7 days, and when they are done Chris Roman and Sam Pasceri (left) will have traveled over 363 miles.

Tony Portera and I joined them as they began their journey along with crew members Brendan and Joe. We had a blast running the first 26 miles. I can only imagine the stories that will come out of this.

Sam on River Road
Lock 2

Lots of Rules in Saratoga
The Team
Today I heard that unfortunately Sam will not be able to complete all of the miles due to injury. Here is what I love the most about this. Despite this being Sam's idea and goal he is 100% committed to helping get Chris to the end. He will still push to run half the daily mileage and Brendan and Joe will be there as well the entire way. They are all in it together. The selflessness of this and other "Ultra Journeys" brings a smile to my face.



  1. The fact that you said, " We had a blast running the first 26 miles"...puts a smile on MY face...the kind of smile I use when I find someone talking to themselves too long....

  2. Great post...and another reminder of what running is all about! Friends, challenges, new experiences.


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