Saturday, August 7, 2010


Have you ever loved someone so much you can't actually put it into words. If you are asked why you love that person you simply reply, "I just do".

Today I ran for several hours. It was the first time I have run for that long, alone, in months. As much as I enjoy running with my friends, there is something special about a nice long solo run, early in the morning as the world rises around me to begin a new day. This instills a feeling of freedom within me and generates a great deal of reflection. To explain the way I felt during and after my run would take many many words.

I will instead quote John Morelock from his "Run Gently Out There" column in the latest issue of Ultra Running Magazine.

"To someone who understands, no explanation necessary. To someone who does not understand, no amount of explanation will suffice."

I hope, for one moment, everyone feels the way I feel today. I love my life......I just do!



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