Thursday, September 23, 2010

Ultra Running Wife Interviewed

Tani and I have been discussing the possibility of her starting a blog about being the wife of an ultra runner. While she is deciding whether to do this, we thought it would be fun to at least test it out and skim the surface. So let us begin to see if our perception of the other side is indeed reality. A little bit of life from the wife of an ultra runner.

How long has your husband been running?

Ever since I've known him (we met in 1999).

When did he start doing ultra distances?


Are you a runner too?

I run, but I do not consider myself a "runner" right now. I was a runner before I was pregnant with my daughter (born 2/5/10). I am slowly getting back into it....

What is the biggest difference for you since Eric's distances and number of races have increased?

My days and own workout schedule revolve around Eric's training schedule.

What do you enjoy most about his running?

A lot of things, but I will only name a few......Running gives Eric freedom. Freedom to open his mind, and freedom to push himself to see how far he can go. Running gives Eric an excuse to buy new sneakers every month. It also gives him time for himself which WE ALL NEED. Lastly, Eric runs for a cause. He runs hundreds of miles to raise money to help find a cure for cancer. He's making a difference in the world and that is truly inspirational.

What do you enjoy least?

I would have to say the early morning (before sunrise) training runs on the road. Even though he wears a bright colored vest, headlamp and flashing light on his hat, I still worry about drivers not seeing him. Oh, and the smelly, smelly clothes after a long run!

What is the coolest experience you have had together with running?

Traveling for Eric's races and watching him cross that finish line is always cool! Meeting Dean Karnazes for the first time in 2008 was pretty cool too.

What is the worst or most frustrating experience you have had together with running?

Eric's big toe injury in the Stone Cat Marathon. After the race, we drove to Boston to meet friends for dinner. I was very pregnant at the time and had to help Eric out of the car and to our hotel room. He could not put his shoe on over his swollen toe and could barely walk. I left Eric at the hotel while I walked around downtown Boston searching for a pair of shoes that could actually fit over his foot. We were a pathetic sight that night as Eric hobbled and I waddled into the Mandarin Oriental to meet our friends. We laughed at ourselves that weekend....unfortunately, the laughs stopped once we learned days later that Eric needed to have surgery on the toe. Recovery was tough! Eric could not run for 6 weeks. These weeks felt like months and being in my third trimester, a month felt like a year. Eric went through PT and tried his hardest to speed up the recovery process. It was definitely a frustrating time for both of us.

Has your relationship with Eric changed since he began running and if so how?

Definitely. Our relationship is stronger and has brought us even closer. Though running ultras is an individual sport (with the help of pacers and crew), Eric has come up with a way to make it a family affair. Eric always discusses race options with me and together, we decide what is best for our family. We are true life partners.

Is there anything that turns you off about running?

The wear and tear it can do to a body.

What turns you on about it?

For me, the first mile is always rough. I question why I'm even running, but then it just happens....I find my groove, start feeling good and that rush just comes over me. It's such a great feeling!

Sum up running and what it means to you!

Running is a way for me to stay fit, clear my head and is just another thing I can share with my husband :)

If you have a questions for either of us please ask and we will answer. Peace


  1. Tani, You inspire me to be all I can and wish to be. Thanks for supporting me, putting up with my skanky clothes and crazy hours, and for having our baby:) E

  2. Great interview...she is a blessing to you...which you've recognized. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. Love how you involve the family. You know you're an ultraparent when You announce the next exciting family vacation and their first question is "where's the race?" tee hee!!!

  4. And you know, it's even spilled over to the "greater" family...I'm a big Eric fan, and he's inspired me to revive a dormant athletic lifestyle.

    Plus, he does take care of my little sister,baby niece and nephews like no other!

  5. Heather, Ah yes! The family vacation, 3 weeks from now in Scottsdale, AZ. Funny, the Javelina Jundred is 15 minutes away from Scottsdale.

    Iman, you are the man, and I know you will be fit at fifty and running 12.5 with me next April in NC.


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