Monday, October 18, 2010

Javelina Jundred, 2nd 100 miler

With the Javelina Jundred just days away, yesterday's short morning run warranted much reflection about my journey these past months. The chart below offers a training comparison between Umstead (my first 100 miler) this past March and Javelina (my second). I am not actually sure what it all means but it's always fun to look at.

What I am certain of is the positive impact all of these miles continue to have on my life. I consistently meet great people, grow more confident, want to be more charitable and have a greater appreciation for my family. Life is great and keeps getting better.

I must mention my charitable cause the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. They are doing incredible things to significantly prolong life and find a cure. The MMRF and all those fighting cancer inspire me with their commitment and courage. I want to thank all those who supported my running with donations to the MMRF this year. We raised over $10,000 for the MMRF bringing our 4 year total to over $48,000. We are making a difference. If you are interested it is never too late to give, JUST CLICK HERE.

Lastly anyone wishing to follow the race there will be a live webcast at this link.



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