Saturday, October 2, 2010

Low expectations yield memorable moments

This morning was one of the few I was dreading my run. I don't often feel that way but today I had many other things I wanted to do with my family which put certain time constraints on the day. For me to get in my 5 hrs I had to get up at 3:30am. I was not expecting much beyond a long, slow and exhausting run. Well you know how it is when you are not expecting much! Great things happen.

When the cold air first hit my face and the quiet of this early Saturday morning rang in my ears a great sense of calm came over me. As I only saw 3 cars during the next 2 hours my breathing and footsteps were all that echoed over the crisp pre sun air. I made my way through several neighboring towns on our local roads and enjoyed this time alone immensely as it allowed me to reflect as I often do when running solo. Running alone can be a great cleansing of the mind. I highly recommend it.

By the time I met up with a few friends (Amy, Steph, Scott, Pete and Aaron) at Rockefeller State Park Preserve at 6am I was feeling energized and fresh; really in a good place. The next few hours went by so effortlessly as we all laughed and joked. There must have been something in the air because all of us were on the same page, busting chops. I don't think there was a serious moment the entire run, not one. The laughter became infectious and before I knew it we were done and smiling. 5hrs, 30miles, quiet time, friend time and now family time (Great Day).

This combination of alone time and great fun with friends certainly made this a run to remember for me. What are some of your favorite running moments?



  1. Wow, 5hrs! That's my max training run for a 50 km . So great you could do it with friends! I have too many stories to tell- but the best part is that all the experiences were with our crazyfun Friends!!!!

  2. glad to be a part of it. it was a great run and absolutely hilarious. hopefully we have another one similar this weekend.

  3. Wow, Eric, sounds like a real energizing run you got in. Those are the best...sometimes I like to just leave and just go wherever my legs take me. No planned course, just logging miles.

    Keep it real.

  4. Heather, always great running with friends indeed. Hope we run into each other at an event one day.

    Pete, it was a riot. I am sure the banter will continue.

    Will, thanks for checking in. It was amazing. Hope you are well.



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