Thursday, October 7, 2010

Reflective Gear Is The New Black

OK so maybe its not that cool but it can save your life. Last night after sunset my wife saw some guy running down Route 100 in all black. "Seriously dude, what are you thinking?" The only reason Tani saw him is because she is always on the lookout for runners and riders. I am certain most drivers aren't aware we are there at anytime of day and certainly don't expect to see someone running on the road at 10pm or 4am for that matter. It is up to us to make sure we are visible. Let everyone know you are out there, don't be shy.

There are many versions but you can pick up a cheap reflective vest for around $10. That is the minimum you should have but there is more. You can also pick up a flashing red light for about $10. Last, get a head lamp. For about $25 or $30 you can see and be seen. For as little as $10 you have safety gear and for about $50 you will be lit up like a Christmas tree. My gear is in the photo (I wear all 3 all the time).

Please be safe on the roads. If you don't have safety gear don't run roads in the dark, go to the track. BE LOUD, BE BRIGHT, BE SAFE!


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  1. You're right.Always be safe on roads, and don't forget your safety gear! :)


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