Thursday, December 9, 2010

Over $50,000 Raised for MMRF

As I gear up for my final race of the year I am again reminded of one of the reasons I run. Simply put, I want to make a difference.

My Father is a prostate cancer survivor. Not only was I inspired by his courage through surgery and treatment but I have watched him put others before himself my entire life. We don't do it the same way but I can only hope I am as generous as my Dad.

And then of course there is Anita. A sweet, loving family friend who has shown incredible courage and strength as she continues living her life with an unwavering spirit and positive energy while battling Multiple Myeloma which has no cure.

When I first began fundraising I never imagined the outpouring of support I would receive. In less than 4 years we have raised more than $50,000 for multiple myeloma research. By the way, the actual dollar that got us over that goal came from Anita:)

I want to thank everyone who has supported me and the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation. We are all in this together. For continued support just give me shout out or click here.



  1. What a fantastic job you have done for MMRF. Congrats on a successful fundraising campaign and best wishes for continued success.

  2. Wow great stuff. Thats a lot of cash

  3. Thanks guys! We are making progress but as we learn more about this disease we realize how much more we need to do. Our efforts are making difference, significantly prolonging the lives of many but we still need help to find a cure.

  4. Wow! one person can make a difference. That one person is YOU. You are amazing, and very inspiring.


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