Friday, January 28, 2011

Embrace the snow. Its more fun that way!

We have been ablolutely hammered here in the northeast with record snowfall for the month of January.  Can it be a bit of a hassle?  Sure, but if we choose to embrace it, the snow and cold can be as beautiful and fun as any warm sunny day.  Enoy the photos!  Peace


Last run before Tony & Chris left to run the Camino De Fe

Pocantico River in Rockefeller State Park Preserve

A fence with snow on it!

Yaks helping me through 16 inches of new snow yesterday

Another fence with snow on it:)

Practicing what I preach (headlamp, flashing LED & reflective jacket)

Do we still have to stop?


  1. Agreed Eric! I love playing in the snow. We DO live in the North East after all.

  2. I need some of them there Yaks...I have killer snowshoes, but they're too hard to really run in...I need to scope out the road because I hope I don't have do yet another long run on the treadmill...

  3. Eric, I'll be in NYC Weds. Let me know if you can run with me. you can shoot me an email at Met your dad, love to meet you.


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