Monday, January 17, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #3 Cold Weather Running

Tip #3 Cold Weather Running...Now that we are firmly in the presence of winter, staying warm is one of our biggest hurdles.  If you dress right I promise that winter will reward you with memorable runs.  You may even find it to be as enjoyable as warmer weather (if not it definitely beats the treadmill).

1. Hat & Gloves/Mittens. No matter how many layers I wear if I don't cover my head and keep my hands warm I am miserable. I think Mountain Hardware has some good options for hats and gloves and Brooks has a mitten that has a removable water resistant outer shell for added warmth.

2. Layers....Many thin layers feel more comfortable than a bulky jacket and provides flexibility to remove a layer if needed. My outer layer once it gets into the 30s is a jacket with a zipper. This gives me the ease of simply zipping up or down as I go from hot to cold which naturally happens during all cold weather runs as I run uphill, downhill or into a headwind or with a tailwind.

3. Pants....I don't like running in pants and have not found they help keep my core warm but when it gets below 20 I will throw something (thin sweats or tights) over my legs just because I can feel how cold my skin gets if I am out for a long time.

4. Keep moving....As long as I am running I am usually warm, especially after working up a sweat. If I walk and even sometimes running downhill I will get cold.

I recently read a post by Marshall Ulrich which includes some similar thoughts and quite a bit more. Check it out.



  1. I run in tights most runs now, and feel very comfortable in them. I do realize, some people are born with a little more natural insulation than others. I have fat, some folks have fur...

  2. A while back, I decided that I would make notes as to what to wear in what temperature - especially since riding and running differ quite a bit. Doing this has proven to be a great asset, especially as I move from Fall back to Winter and have a tendency to forget how I dressed LAST Winter. It's something that took a bit of trial and error, but it keeps me from guessing how to dress. All I need to know is if it is sunny, cloudy or dark - the temperature - and if I will be running/riding hard or not. Relying on how cold it 'feels' never seems to work out...or how everyone else is dressed...

  3. I hear you Iman, I believe I have the fur. Thank G-Man

  4. I hate the treadmill...much prefer a cold crisp morning to a muggy one. nice tip. keep it up.


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