Monday, January 3, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #1 Drying Out Shoes

As runners we are always looking for new ideas to improve our running lives. These may include the obvious tips on how to train differently to become faster and stronger or new gear ideas to improve running comfort. Sometimes the idea could be unique to an individual, perhaps a friend who has some interesting way of storing or better yet cleaning all that gear or avoiding the dreaded chaffing.
Whatever the idea, the beauty of the running community, is the desire to share them with our fellow runners. In that spirit I will begin sharing my ideas and provide a forum for you to share yours. At least once a month I will post one of my thoughts or yours as I receive them. Please email me your ideas on how we can all improve our running lives at
Tip #1: Drying out your shoes...Yesterday was a nasty cold rainy day and therefore my shoes were soaked. I have found the best way to completely dry them out is to stuff them with newspaper. Simply shove crumpled up newspaper down in the shoe until it is solidly packed from toe to heel. After about an hour or so remove and you will see the paper has drawn the water our of the shoe. If your shoes are soaked as mine were yesterday it may be necessary to repeat. I also think this helps with odor. Please comment below if you have a different method.
Looking forward to hearing many other running ideas.


  1. What a great idea...periodic (uh, weekly,monthly) tips...I'm all in. Well except for one thing...what is this "newspaper" you speak of?

    I'll start sharing tips...when I become a runner...

  2. If you run, you are a runner, therefore you are. Perhaps you have some questions Iman. Send those too and we can all chime in with different ideas.

  3. good idea...we've had a lot of rain this year. I'll try this. great idea with the monthly tip...

    Keep it real,


  4. Will, would love to see if we can come up with 1 a week. If you have any cool tips big or small please email me. Peace E

  5. I use multiple methods. I used to do the newspaper thing but often had trouble finding some around the house (we don't subscribe). Then for Christmas one year, I got a convection-heated boot dryer. Phe-nomenal. I keep it right next to the door in from the garage. I throw my shoes on them, plug it in and that's it. Since it is convection heated and uses low voltage, I can leave it plugged in for days without threat of accidentally burning down the house. Love it so much, Janis got me a portable version this past Christmas that plugs into my car cigarette lighter! It doubles as a nice warmer the night before heading out on a cold morning.

    I also carry a pair of "Stuffits" in my workout bag. They are cedar-filled 'feet' that you slide into your shoes. One of the extra benefits is that the cord connecting the two 'feet' makes for a great way to carry the shoes.


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