Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why I Run You Ask?

I am often asked why I run or how I cover such long distances.  My answers can be endless but I think the message I received on my new years post below from Anita should explain it (MM is Multiple Myeloma, its incurable, Anita is living with it).

Hey Eric
Happy New Year. I'm always running with you, by your side, even if you can't see me!!!! Thanks for all the money you have raised for MM. It's YOU who is keeping those like me running.
Love you,Tani and the kids,

Me and Anita


  1. Awesome man! Thanks for sharing that...

  2. Great motivation Eric ! its great to have a purpose in addition to just the pure enjoyment....maybe thats why you can do those 100K/100milers.
    BTW- I also checked out your blog friend 'runner on the edge" - he is too funny!!


  3. Thanks guys. Noah check out my Brother in Laws blog Fit At Fifty. He is working hard like you have. Hey Heather, Indeed Chris' blog is fun to read.


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