Saturday, February 5, 2011

Empire State Building Run-Up Powered by MMRF

Nearly 100 Runners for MMRF
This week was the 34th annual Empire State Building Run-Up Powered by MMRF.  I had the pleasure to volunteer which I love to do for my charity of choice.  I have run this event twice, but as always it was as much fun and certainly more rewarding to watch and help out.  The MMRF runners raised over $250,000, a kick ass start to another year of working our way towards a cure.  Congrats to all the runners for their fundraising efforts and athletic achievement.

Great job done as always by Alicia and Jane who run the Endurance Program for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.  They have a knack for pushing the limits at each event and always coming through with incredible results.  My hat goes off to them again. Peace
Mary Whittenberg & Kathy Giusti
Kathy (Founder MMRF) braves the cold


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