Monday, February 28, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #9 Do What Works For You

Decisions Decisions!  We are faced with many choices including, scheduling, training techniques, nutrition and so on. As I am reminded often we are all different. Just because something works for one person, does not mean it will work for you.  It doesn't mean it won't either. I am just saying we all need to figure out what works for each of us and go with it.  I have read countless books and subscribed to many magazines, I read blogs, train with many different people and seek advise from all types of runners. The great thing about the running community is there is so much information out there you can certainly find your most effective methods. It can also be overwhelming.

In my opinion the key to finding what works is to step outside your comfort zone and give new things a shot. Recently I decided to do just that.  I hear about elite runners putting in 150 to 200 miles a week and very well accomplished friends of mine like Tony Portera will run 6 or 7 days a week including doubles twice a week at peak training.  Coming in to this year with a busy schedule planned I thought it would be a good time to increase my running, not just mileage but also the number of days.  As I posted a couple of days ago sharing my Umstead training, my routine consists of four days running, two days cross training and one rest day.  This training schedule has been working for me the past two years. I have been ready for each new adventure and relatively injury free.

The adjustment I made was only slight but the impact was obvious.  What I did was add 5 mile runs prior to hitting the gym on my cross training days.  That's just 2 short runs a week.  I had hoped this additional mileage would make me stronger and continue to improve my endurance.  To the contrary for me.  The increased running actually brought on new issues including hip pain, increased toe pain (remember hallux rigidus), overall tiredness and soreness. So in the end, I am always extremely impressed, even jealous that these incredible amounts of running work for others. It just does not work for me.  But I am glad I tried, because now I know what works for me.  What works for you?



  1. What is cool about ultra running--and training--is that in a way it is all one big experiment and our bodies are the test tubes. Keep on experimenting!

  2. What actually works for me is day on- day off. It drops my times. What doesn't is anything different. It gives me injuries!!!


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