Friday, February 11, 2011

The Morning Run

I am often asked how I get up and run so early in the morning, waking up at 4:15am on average.  The how is simple, I set the alarm and when it goes off, I actually get up.

I think the question should be, Why?.  The answer to that question is what makes the how so much easier for me.

Imagine when you wake, and all are still asleep, not only in your home, but basically everywhere around you.  You quietly put on the gear you laid out the night before to save time and tip toe down the stairs.  A quick and quiet snack as you start to debate going back to bed.  Quickly shoes on, bottle filled and out the door before the urge to crawl back into you know where with you know who over comes you.

It is cold, dark and so quiet every sound you make is deafening including the turning of the key as the lock to your front door loudly slams shut.  Heading down the road you slowly find your groove as the spot from your headlamp lights the way.  The sound of your breathing echoes rhythmically around you.  As you inhale the fresh morning air it feels like fresh tracks on the mountain as you are the first to breath that air today.  Your body warms as your heart rate rises and levels to where you feel perfectly alive.  Thoughts of the day past flow into those of the day to come.  And then when you turn around to head home you see this. 

Your heart beats faster.  You feel its' beautifully powerful energy as the sun begins to light up the day.  You have seen it before but every time it feels as if it were the first.  Your pace quickens, the rest of those around you are beginning to rise and before you know it you are home.  Your mind is clear, the day has begun.  You are energized, happy, alive and then you see this.

My Angel
It does'nt get better than this!
Go run before the sun comes up.  You will see the day in a whole new light.



  1. Great post Eric. I'm still struggling with morning runs before work. this gives me a new perspective.

  2. Makes me want to be a morning runner.


    Nah, I think I'll just bookmark this post and re-read it every once in a while...

  3. I usually run in the afternoons during the week, but I do love my morning runs on the weekends.

    Waking up in a new city and going for a run is one of my favorite things to do when on vacation or away for work.

  4. Awesome reasons that I can't deny...I have more pragmatic reasons than that...if I wake up and get it done, I don't have to think about it anymore...otherwise, like you say, it's nice to be you know where with you know who....

  5. You write really well! I totally agree with the "bright" sides of early morning running that you mentioned. Some of the views and experiences are irreplaceable. And as for us working Daddies, this is really the only way to get the miles in undisturbed and uninterrupted!


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