Monday, April 4, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #14 Pushing Through The Pain

Every time I run a race there are moments when I feel like I can't or don't want to go on.  During these moments, which at events like this weekend's Umstead 100 Mile Endurance Run, the moments can last for hours and hours, with seemingly no relief or end in sight.  At some point, at least for me, the physical deterioration becomes so intense that a battered desire and beaten self confidence become my greatest enemy.  Trying to zone out, put music on and little things like that will work for brief moments.  But as the intensity of the ever spreading pain builds, the music soon fades.  Everything goes quiet, except for my mind where the volume rises to unbearable levels of negativity, detrimanetal to my goal which is simply "Finish".

At these moments when self doubt becomes so great, I often look far outside the run for the energy and will to keep moving forward. This weekend I recall thinking of many things and I would like to share them with you:
  1. There was a sign on the course that said "Pain Is Temporary.  Pride Is Forever." I reminded myself of this over and over again through many of those late night and early morning hours as the pain continued to grow.
  2. All those battling Multiple Myeloma and other fatal illnesses.  Some of them are very dear to me (you know who you are).  These friends are stronger than I ever imagined one could be.  Their courage most certainly gives me strength when I need it most.
  3. This year I had a little extra in the tank for my brother in law.  He spent the last 3 years getting fit and losing 60 pounds, initially just to run with me.  He was in Raleigh to run my last loop so how could I let him down.
  4. And of course my family who's faces I would picture (Tani, Jared, Kyle and Isla) with big smiles of pride because I finished.  And they deserve the finish because they are supportive and sacrifice for my running.
So my belief is dig deep, look inside and find whatever that something is for you to be inspired and motivated to keep moving forward and push through the pain.



  1. Indeed my friend. I would say I am impressed but that would imply you did something that surprised me and this does not. I will; however, say I am very very proud of you. Well earned and deserved :)

    Peace, C

  2. I needed your coaching Sunday morning. After I finished 50 it became obvious that 100 was impossible. So I just went for my minimum goal . . . 100k.

    Basically, I just folded like a cheap pup tent!

  3. Chris, Thanks. Means a lot coming from you.

    Frank, Not a fold at all as far as I am concerned. You achieved the 100k goal you set so great job. Anything beyond that was gravy. You can learn from this experience, then next time, The Gravy will be yours.

  4. Great job at Umstead Eric...and great time at sub 21 hours!


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