Wednesday, April 20, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #16 Drinking Until You Puke

Remember back in high school, or college, or even last Saturday when you drank so much you threw up?  Your body was saying stop, and most people would at that point.

Ever been on a run and your body starts pushing back?  First, just a little twinge.  You notice it, but no big deal.  You have after all trained yourself to fight through all pain.  Nothing can stop you. Then after a couple more miles the twinge has turned to pain.  But its only pain, and as Patrick Swayze said in every one's favorite movie, "Pain don't hurt".  So onward it is.  As you continue to push through the pain you start thinking about all the other little things that have been bothering you; tired legs, sore ankle, tight calf's, shoulder irritation and toe pain. By the time you get through the list in your mind your body has had enough. The pain spreads as your body begins to fight back.  It screams "No more shots please!".  Now forced to walk as our body is puking from all you put it through you come to the realization it may simply be time to rest.

I, like most of us will run until I can't run anymore.  I certainly don't let pain or small "injuries" stop me.  In fact, I would say I embrace the pain with each sensation being a trophy proving what I have done and somehow making the next adventure all the more pleasurable. After Umstead just over 2 weeks ago, I felt my recovery was going well.  Soreness was all but gone within a few days.  As I began to work runs back in to my routine I was feeling incredibly strong mentally and from a cardio standpoint. With the Bear Mountain 50 miler less than 3 weeks away the confidence boost was exciting.  Unfortunately my mind and lungs are feeling much stronger than the rest of my body as the list above is not hypothetical.  Those are all areas of current discomfort. Then yesterday I experienced an increased pain on the right side of my lower back that eventually spread through my entire butt cheek. Reaching a pain level that I grew concerned about I cut my run short and walked back to my car.

I think my body is begging for a rest, and I am going to listen to it. The emptiness of not running will certainly be more painful than the physical pains of running. However, I am hopeful my body will reward this decision with a fun and relatively pain free Bear Mountain.

Remember, no one know your body better than you.  If you feel nauseous, it may be time to stop drinking:)  Peace


  1. There is no doubt about sir, are a freak!

  2. That is an impressive doodle of someone puking lol

  3. Yeah those 100 milers really suck the life out of your legs for a long time.

    Hopefully I will see you at Bear Mountain in May, I am running the 50m
    I hear its a hard course.

  4. enjoy your rest. and yes, pop a few more beers while you can.

  5. Thanks for the comments.

    Chris, Bear Mountain is a great course and I agree it is very challenging. I have done the 50k and 50 mi there and am fortunate to train there too. Shoot me an email and let me know your plans. Maybe we can meet up before race day if you have time. If not I will try to find you at the start.

    Will, I may be able to find a beer or two, or perhaps a hurricane down in NOLA this weekend:)

  6. Hey Eric
    May 7th, my birthday...and my 11th MM Birthday, thanks to heros like of course you'll run great. I'll have a celebration beer with you on Memorial day!!!!

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  8. Embrace the rest. Take care of yourself.


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