Tuesday, April 26, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #17 Listen to Your Kids - Dream Big

Ever since I ran my first ultra, a 50k at Bear Mountain in NY I have not stopped thinking about what else is possible.  How far can I go?  What am I capable of physically and mentally? How incredible can my life be?  It has opened my eyes to so much more.  There are moments when I feel like a kid again, capable of big dreams with no limits.  Every time I start thinking of what's next, I always bounce the ideas off my children.  They always seem to look at me with a unaffected stare when I ask for their opinion.  I think what they say with their eyes is something like "Duhhhh" but what they always tell me is "Of course you can do it Dad, you can do anything".  They have even said things like "Maybe one day you will run around the world".  They actually get me thinking about that and I love it.  They place absolutely no limits. So why should we!

I recently read a post on Marshall Ulrich's blog about a 17 year old young man, Mart, who is dreaming about running across America.  Not some day, but some day soon, like when he is 18.  I love his pure, unblemished and matter of fact thoughts.   Don't get me wrong, I think he needs to give this a lot of thought with his family and friends who will be helping him with the endeavor and train very very hard.  This is a huge physical, financial and time commitment.  I personally hope he gets lots of support, works hard and goes for it.  Prove the doubters wrong Mart.

I guess the point of this tip is sometimes its good to think like a kid no matter how old you are. I don't care if its a mile, a hundred miles or a trip around the world.  I am certain we are all capable of much more than we realize. "Dream Big, Live Big, Accomplish Great Things". You never know until you try. Peace


  1. Great post Eric! Keeping it real, as always! Kids rock our world.

  2. Well, I have some pretty smart nephews!

  3. Loving your running tips for information, inspiration and humour !


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