Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Preliminary Umstead 100 Recap

This post race recap will be very short as Iman who was my crew and paced my last lap this year at the Umstead 100 Mile Endurance run will be writing the story from his perspective (hopefully that will be posted here later this week).  I am really looking forward to reading it but I did want to share just a couple of quick thoughts and facts.

The Course:
A 12.5 mile loop which must be completed 8 times, with approximately 8,000 feet of total elevation gain/loss.  The terrain is smoothly groomed and not technical at all.

The Race Staff and Volunteers:
Simply an amazing race put on by the North Carolina Ultra Runners Association.  The aid stations were once again the best I have ever seen, stocked with candy, fruit, soups, hamburgers, hot dogs, pizza, sodas etc.  It was painful to pass the 2 main stations 8 times each and never take anything more than a potato or cup of broth.  Big thanks go out the all the volunteers for doing such a great job with genuine enthusiasm.

I ran the first 50 miles in about 9:07 with Tony Portera.  This is faster than any 50 mile race I have ever done and I still managed to hang on during the 2nd half for a time of 20:18:30 and a 29th place overall finish.   A PR by 3 hours and 3:30 faster than my first hundred at Umstead just 1 year ago.

8 servings of Hammer Perpetuem (1 per loop)
30 Hammer Gels (primarily mixed in my water or Perpetuem mix)
7 cups of chicken broth (3 with chicken noodle)
A few orange, potato and cantaloupe slices.
Approx. 750 oz of water (including mixes)
1 cup ginger ale

Thanks to:
Tony for pushing me the first 50.  I still question if he was trying to help me or kill me.
Drymax Socks for once again keeping my feet blister free (just one tiny little hot spot on my big toe).
Iman for doing a kick ass job as my crew and pacer.  You made my life much easier out there.
Everyone who donated to MMRF. Your support keeps me going.
And of course my family with whom I would not want to do this without.

Congrats to all the other runners for their efforts. 

Give your all out there and remember, "Pain is Temporary, Pride is Forever" (Umstead 100 course sign).



  1. Can't wait to share my thoughts...all quite positive...well, poor niece kept herself and everybody else in the room awake on Sunday night...LOL

  2. Congrats!!!
    What a fast time, pretty amazing.
    Looking forward to the full report

  3. geeeeez you are so motivating! way to go!!

  4. Did not think you noticed Iman since you wre snoring the entire time!

    Thanks Chris, my Borther in Law is working on it and I look forward to reading it myself. I am sure he will have a fun spin.

    Talitha, Thank you...what is it you are motivated to do right now? Would love to hear about your challenge!

  5. I would've looked at the spread at the first aid station and...well...I'd probably still be there right now.

    Great job. Eric!

  6. Well at the moment I"m getting ready to get married but after that my goal is to run a half by the end of the year then a full by february. I've had some pretty bad knee and ankle injuries due to lacrosse but have been slowly getting back into running for the past 7 months or so. I try to do about 6 miles a day on my lunch break with my boss. Thanks for asking and looking forward to another post.

  7. That's awesome, congrats Talitha! Good luck with marriage and training.

  8. great job out there Eric...sounds like the running gods were with you the entire time!

  9. Great job, well done. What a great time.


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