Sunday, July 24, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #23 Chafe Prevention

Although this is about chafe prevention, I can assure you there is no full proof method to staying completely chafe free 100% of the time.  As I expressed my frustration in a recent post after a vicious attack from the chafe monster, I am baffled.  Once again yesterday, very hot and humid here in the northeast, I was diligent in my anti chafe applications in all the right places.  And guess what?  I was attacked again in all the wrong places.  While I have yet to discover a full proof method, I do think I owe it to those who also find themselves under attack to share what I can.

I believe the most effective method is to apply liberally and often.  I also think it's best to focus on the areas that can be most debilitating (for me its the inner thighs, under the jewels and yes between the cheeks).  Most other areas can be uncomfortable but these 3 spots can become quite painful and even force me to alter my gate.

I have tried a number of different products, including Vaseline, Body Glide, Aquaphor, Sportslick and nipple guards.  I have also heard of people using Desitin and Butt Paste for lubes and simple band-aids for guards.

In closing, the best defense is a relentless offense.  Apply before it begins.  Like most problems that occur, once it starts it's too late.



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