Wednesday, August 10, 2011

155 Miles - Ready or Not

My selfless crew is ready to go and so am I.  Tomorrow afternoon we will all head up to Oneonta, NY to begin what will certainly be an incredible journey for us all.  I look forward to documenting and sharing this experience.

I must thank all those who have donated to the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation in support of their cause and the efforts of all those making this run possible.  Further donations are of course welcome here.

If you would like to follow along our non-stop 155 mile adventure you can do so at this spot tracker link. Thank you Tony Portera for setting this up.

Secondly if you are on Facebook you can follow along with more detail and photos on our Catskill 155 for MMRF page.  You simply "like it" and you will be kept up to speed as the crew will provide regular updates.

See you on the other side of that door.  Peace


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