Sunday, November 27, 2011

EricG's Running Tips #27 Gym Locker Rooms Are Public

I often find myself shaking my head at the things people do in the locker room. Many seem to be going about their business as if it were their own personal space. After my run-in with a man who thought the sauna was built for him to warm his clothes and dry off after a shower, I thought I would share some of the other actions I consider rude, awkward, disgusting or just hysterical. If you have not guessed, it is my opinion that none of these activities belong in places we share with others. I also asked Tani to confirm, deny or add to my list for the ladies.

  1. Do not drop your pants or towel 2 inches or even 2 feet from my face.
  2. The sauna is not your walk-in closet, changing room or dryer. It is a place for most of us to relax (maybe stretch) and that's it. Do not dry your clothes, bathing suits or body in the sauna. Do not sit next to me naked and please, please do not stretch naked in front of me.
  3. Do not sit on the benches bare assed.
  4. If you are talking to anyone, wear a towel. I actually think we should all where a towel at all times unless in the shower.
  5. Don't wipe your boogers on the wall.
  6. If I am blocking your locker just say excuse me and give me a chance to move out of your way.  Don't just push your way past or lean over me.  Especially if you are naked.
  7. Do not blow dry your junk. I actually saw some dude put one leg up on the counter and blow dry his world.  Seriously???
  1. Please do not apply or insert feminine products while sitting in front of your locker.....go to the bathroom!!
  2. Don't stare.....
  3. Numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 from above apply.  Boogers on the wall?  Really, that's just gross.  Thank goodness I have never witnessed number 7 in the Women's locker room!
If anyone has other eyewitness accounts of rude, funny, awkward or down right disgusting locker room acts please share and I will certainly add to the list.



  1. I work in a gym/pool complex, and have seen a lot- here are a few gems:
    - do not shave in the steam room
    - please, do not walk out of the gym and jump in the hot tub immediately after for a 'bath'

  2. Eric, I think you might want to look into a different club. Until then, don't drop your soap in the shower.

  3. Thanks Heather, I will cerainly add to the list. I have heard of the shaving but never witnessed it.

    Hey Will, you make two excellent suggestions:)

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