Sunday, December 4, 2011

"Running" The Common Denominator

I have had a couple of hours to reflect on my run today. On the surface, just another 9 miles at Rockefeller State Park on a beautiful December morning. I have run every inch of every trail here many times over. So why write about today? Because today I ran with about 15 people I have never met before.

I met this guy Mark a couple of weeks ago through a mutual friend. Mark was telling her about his plan to run his first ultra this coming April and she suggested we meet.  So we emailed a couple of times and had lunch. It turns out Mark is a member (founding member I believe) of the NEW RO RUNNERS, a local running club based out of New Rochelle, New York with about 130 members. They organize runs every Saturday and Sunday around Westchester County. In addition they race together and yes socialize together. I recall mark telling me how running has brought them all together not only in running but community. Their slogan happens to be "Changing the shape of the community - one mile at a time".

What brought these people together in the first place? Women and Men of different races, religions, ages and running abilities all hanging out for one simple reason...they love to run.  It's that simple.  The reality is if not for running most of these people may never have met let alone get together. It is unfortunate, but often the things that make us all so interesting are the differences that keep us apart. The awesome thing is many of us have running in common and that alone has the power to break down many barriers and bring so many wonderful people together.

Thank you Mark for inviting me to join you all today. Always nice to meet so many new people. Running has done so much for me and meeting new and interesting people is certainly at the top of the list.

Get out there and run with someone you don't know soon. You may be surprised at what you find.



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