Monday, December 12, 2011

Running is My Drano!

Yesterday during my first run over 10 miles since Javelina, I was telling my friend David how much I missed being out there.  Not because of how running makes me feel in the moment, but because running brings a certain freedom to the rest of my day.  During the past few weeks I decided to take some time off so I could recover mentally and physically from a long year. Although my planned recovery was not comprised of complete abstinence, I thought significant rest would help me feel more focused in mind and ready in body. Au contraire! It's as if my veins are clogged with negative energy, numbing my synapse to the point where everything is in slow motion. I have been battling laziness, lack of motivation and confidence, crankiness, and blurred focus.

I have decided that running is actually my Drano! For normal clogs just a half bottle is required (short run). For major clogs use the entire bottle (long run). Fifteen to thirty minutes after pouring in the required amount flush thoroughly with warm water (shower).



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