Monday, January 2, 2012

The Challenge: Tani vs Eric

During the past couple of weeks my wife and I have taken the advice from EricG's Running Tips #28 to new heights, thoroughly enjoying the holiday season. Tani and I are lovers of the many good things in life and rarely shy away from a great meal or a drink. Some time in the middle of December we decided we would kick of the New Year with a little healthy and friendly competition which begins tomorrow.

Although we are using a "Biggest Loser" format of sorts and will measure total percentage of weight loss, we will also track inches and other relevant life factors such as mood, energy and fitness. Every week we will post our daily food consumption, exercise routines, weight and general ratings of "relevant life factors".

Our food program will be loosely based on The Diet Solution which was developed by an acquaintance of Tani's, Isabel Price. Tani did this program for 6 weeks back in 2008 and while she lost 10 pounds, what impressed me most was how lean she got losing 10.5 inches in her arms, waist and thighs. Additionally, her energy level soared (Here is a link to many testimonials including Tani's). While we are doing this as a fun monthly cleanse of sorts to get back on track, this is actually an attainable and sustainable lifestyle. Take a look at the website and you will see.  Our daily basics are, 3 meals, 2 snacks, organic, no wheat, no refined sugar and no alcohol (sounds worse every time I say it). I will miss you IPA, Cabernet and Stoli, See you soon.

Our work out routines will be our own and will certainly vary as I am primarily a runner with some cross training and Tani practices yoga, spins, kick boxes and runs.

We are looking forward to sharing this experience.

I must inform you that we are ending our holiday of excess with home made lasagna, caesar salad and a few cocktails:)



  1. you guys are an inspiration! living large and still focused on fitness. What sides better represent life's balance? Ok, there is spirituality, intellectual pursuits, and what not. But, well, I think you guys have something cornered here. Sounds like you should be living in California!

  2. Happy holidays guys,
    Hope to see you on the trails at some point in 2012!

  3. Thanks Will, just like you we are trying to "Keep it real". Not sure about Cali but hoping to visit there some day soon.

    Perhaps we will run into each other somewhere on the east coast Chris. Happy New Year


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