Friday, January 6, 2012

Final Run of 2011 and Looking Ahead

I have been thinking about my run this past Saturday, December 31, 2011. Not a big deal really, just keeps passing through my mind.

It was a beautiful day in upstate New York, sunny with perfectly clear skies and 40 degrees. I hit the long country road, one I have run many times before with no particular plan. I was simply going to run to the fork about 3.5 miles ahead, then turn around and come back. No watch, no agenda.  As I made my way up the first hill, my breathing pace increased and my chest began to pound. Flashes of the many events and struggles throughout the year came upon me. I began to wonder if I had given my all every time. Of course I did and I wanted to feel that right now.

There is something so powerful about pushing until you feel you can't take another step. And then you do. This was way too short to get there but I could push until I felt I could not take another breath. So I ran as hard as I could the entire way. My heart was in a drum roll, my mouth wide open and my throat was on fire. It was such a beautiful feeling. I always feel so alive when I am pushing harder and farther.

Looking forward to personally pushing limits this year and watching my friends and family do the same. We are going to learn so much about ourselves and each other. This is going to be special year, I can feel it.


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