Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Put some windex on it!"
Have you seen My Big Fat Greek Wedding? In it a wise man named Gus uses Windex to cure all ailments from cuts to pimples. Just spray a little Windex on the affected area, and it will be gone. It has been suggested by many (including me) that alcohol may have similar abilities. Could alcohol be my Windex?

Have a cold? How about a little scotch!

Sore or in pain? Perhaps a nice IPA will help relax you!

In this recent article in Runner's World I read about a little experiment to determine if alcohol enhances or depreciates a runners performance. As one of our most favored post race beverages, is it possible that beer is our steroid? Does beer make us faster?

After reading this article I am still not sure but it sure tastes damn good.


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  1. I'm still conflicted on this topic. better to just go with your instincts. cheers!


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