Friday, February 10, 2012

Never Giving Up at The Run Up

Sally on Top of the World
Since I have been involved with running, fundraising and volunteering for the MMRF I have met many amazing people and heard many incredible and inspirational stories. The story I heard prior to this weeks Empire State Building Run-Up certainly falls right in to these categories. When I saw Sally Kalksma cross the finish line 1,576 steps above 5th Avenue this past Wednesday evening I would not have imagined for one second the difficult road she has travelled these last few years. With the chilly winds blowing and the snow falling, her smile out shined the lights atop this landmark and further verified that I was in the right place for all the right reasons.

"Cancer may take years from my life, but I won't let it take the life from my years!" -Sally Kalksma

Read her story here, it may bring a tear but I can't help but smile when I picture her on top of that building.

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