Friday, March 2, 2012

Tani's First Half Marathon, The Training

T's 1st 5k Central Park 2009
Two years ago this May Tani ran a 5k at Bear Mountain on Mother's Day just 3 months after giving birth to our daughter. This June she will run her first half marathon, ever! Tani has been committed to staying fit since we have known each other.  Her workouts range from lifting, cardio, kick boxing, yoga, boot camp, spinning and running. She is in great shape and the recent ass kicking she gave me in our little competition back in January is proof.

Running is not something that has come easy for Tani, and only by her sheer determination and will to do this is she about to train for The North Face Endurance Challenge Half Marathon in D.C. this coming June.  It took a lot of courage for her to even start running with knees that consistently bother her mostly from years of competitive soccer when she was younger. I can actually hear them creaking and cracking when she walks. Then just as she began to try and run and even completed a couple of shorter races in NYC she became pregnant. It was not an easy road, bringing her running and working out to a near standstill. 9 months and 60 pounds later our little girl was born and 6 weeks after that Tani was at the gym.

I am so proud and excited for her to go beyond anything she ever thought possible. She has gone from "I could never do that" to "I am going to do that".  Here is a general overview of Tani's workout and training schedule in preparation for the June event. There may be a rest day here and there but for now she does not want to give anything up.

Monday - Vinyasa Yoga
Tuesday - Long Run Day
Wednesday - Boot Camp
Thursday - Vinyasa Yoga
Friday - Hill Repeats or Speed Work
Saturday - Tempo/Easy Runs
Sunday - Kick Boxing

We will keep you posted on her progress. Go get it babe!!!

Peace E


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