Monday, April 30, 2012

Badwater Training Update

Now that the first 4 months of the year have gone by, and Badwater is just 77 days away I have been thinking about where my training is and where I will be going with it.

First here are some statistics and highlights:

• 863.5 miles
• 60 runs averaging 14.4 miles per run
• 15 runs of 20 or more miles
• Longest run 50 miles at Bull Run Run
• Hills: At least 1 hill session per week including three 24 mile sessions on Perkins Drive at Bear Mountain. This is a 4 mile long hill with 1200 feet of gain.
• 22hrs 15m cross training in 20 days (average just over 1hr per session)
• 4 days skiing
• 8hrs of heat training in the sauna

My plan going forward is to continue to keep my average run up in the 15 to 20 mile range while still only running 4 days per week. Continue cross training with lots of core work. I will have long runs of about 50 miles every other week for the next month with shorter back to backs of 15 to 20 miles during the off weeks (next 3 big runs below):

• TNF Bear Mountain 50 miler 5/5
• Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim 47 miles 5/19
• TNF DC 50 miler 6/2

Following DC I will substitute long hill repeats at Bear Mountain every other week on June 16th and 30th. I will likely increase those to 32 miles, 4 repeats with 20 milers the following days.
This is why I am so focused on hills!!!
Generally I am feeling very good but for a few little hip and sciatic issues which I continue massage therapy for (every other week). The core work I have been doing has really made a difference, which I can feel in my lower back. The hill work is paying off too. I know I need to continue this effort to get over the long torturous climbs in Death Valley.

Hope everyone else is seeing results from whatever training you are doing. No doubt it will pay off on race day.



  1. Lookin' good EricG. Just remember that quality over quantity has a place... but so does quality amounts of quantity. If you follow The Grinder's heat training plan, start date would be June 14 for your daily dose.

    Watch your step on the rocks next weekend.

    1. Thanks Tony! Learned much from you. Will certainly watch my footing and will definitely be following The Grinder's plan come June 14. 28 days straight of sauna:)


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