Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Inspiration From My Son(s)

Like most fathers, I imagine, my children do many things on many occasions that make me proud. Doing well in school, being respectful and kind and even an occasional goal in a lacrosse or soccer game. Last October, my son Jared decided to do his own solo 30 mile bike ride to raise money for Project Morry. Jared is 12 and he totally rocked it completing the ride with great effort and raising $2,000.

This past Sunday at TNF Endurance Challenge 10k, Bear Mountain I was amazed and inspired by my youngest son Kyle. At 10 years old, Kyle showed us all what it means to stay strong even when not a person on the planet would have given a second thought if he quit.
Tani and Kyle all smiles pre-race
Kyle has run several 5k events prior to this including Bear Mountain last year. They have all gone relatively smooth and I had been by his side every step of the way. This time it was Tani's turn to run with him. I must admit I was jealous although thrilled for Tani to experience the joy of running with our son as he accomplishes something he never had before. Never had I imagined it would be so thrilling.

On your mark, get set, GO!
Looking good at the start.
About 30 minutes in we received the following text photo from Tani. Kyle had taken quite a fall only about 1/2 mile into the race during one of the early technical sections of the course. Tani and Kyle took some time so he could gather himself. Tani asked if he wanted to turn back because he seemed quite upset. Kyle would have none of it.
Still smiling after a nasty fall
He wanted to continue and I know T did a great job of motivating him. There was an aid station around mile 2.5 and Kyle took this opportunity for a little TLC from our local EMS. He received encouragement from so many people Tani said. Everyone told the "little man" to "keep going", and "way to go", "you can do it". Well he did.

Kyle and Tani continued on their journey together and were looking strong for the next couple of miles and then with about a mile to go after settling in to his groove....SMACK! Down again. For all of us who have experienced this we know how quickly these things happen. One moment the blissful feeling of running on a cloud and the next you are eating dirt. Without missing a beat Kyle was up and moving forward. Continued encouragement from Tani and the many runners out on the course now that the half marathon runners had merged for the finish.

Meanwhile back at the ranch, the whole family was eagerly awaiting Kyle's return.
Mema and Poppy
Aunt Cheryl who finished the 5k (you rock SIL)
Uncle Rich who came to take a nap
Brother Jared and Sister Isla
And finally with great anticipation, here they come.
The home stretch
It was amazing as they came around the turn you could hear the crowd begin to cheer.  Granted the crowd was cheering for everyone, because that's the way we runners roll, but this was different.  There were so many people at the finish who had passed Kyle and Tani along the way and were now waiting for him to finish and cheer him on. It was loud.
And Kyle responded
Giving it everything he had
Until they finished!!!
Yeah baby we did it. Nothing better! 
Except for this of course.
Kyle may have been the youngest in the field, and was affectionately dubbed "little man" by many runners on the course. In the end we should all hope that our hearts are as big as this little man. My son has brought a whole new light to the efforts I will put forth going forward and I hope his effort inspires you to get out there and give it your all in all that you do.



  1. Wow. Little Man is the The Man. Great story and very inspirational. My 8 year old daughter and I have run a couple of 5ks. None of us have gone down like that, and I don't know if finishing would be an option if we did. Congrats Little Man.

    1. Thanks Will! Was a great time and something we will always remember. E


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