Monday, June 18, 2012

Badwater Training Update II

Four weeks from today I, along with my crew will begin our journey through and beyond Death Valley from Badwater to the Mount Whitney Portal. Logistically, we are nearly ready to go.

  • My crew is ready, Tani (Crew Chief and of course love of my life), Donna, Greg and Mark (all close friends)
  • Flights (we arrive 2 days prior on July 14th to prep and attend required pre race meetings)
  • 2 crew vehicles rented
  • Hotel rooms in 3 towns made
  • Check lists made (most supplies will be purchased upon arrival)
  • Nutrition plan set (subject to the unexpected which we expect)
  • Pace plan made (subject to the unexpected which we expect)
  • Personal race gear and crew/runner safety gear ready (Big thanks to Drymax for supplying us all with the #1 running sock, Nathan for hydration and safety gear and VitaCoco for my recovery drink).
1st trip in Death Valley 2006
I feel my training has gone well. Other than the continuous and annoying pain in my left ankle I feel as strong as I have ever felt physically. The hill and core work I have put in are clearly paying off. Mentally hmmmmm, that's a little more tricky. I have been to Death Valley in July on three occasions. The first time was on a motorcycle trip with friends and the next two were to crew for Tony Portera. I know first hand how hot it is but until now it has never seemed more real. I have to admit that sitting in a sauna every day has certainly cast an even darker shadow over my self confidence when it comes to the heat. Plain and simple, it scares the shit out of me and I respect its power. Nothing I can do now accept keep training. My plan for the last 3 weeks of hard training is to keep up the same routine.  4 run days, 2 cross training days and 7 heat training days per week

Training Stats to Date:
  • 1,129 miles total
  • 77 runs averaging 14.7 miles per run
  • 19 runs of 20 or more miles
  • Longest runs 50 miles at Bull Run Run, 48 miles Grand Canyon, 50 miles TNF DC
  • Hills: As I mentioned in my last training update hills were going to be a focus. I have now completed 4 long run hill sessions on Perkins Drive at Bear Mountain. This is a 4 mile long hill with 1200 feet of gain. 3 have been 24 miles total and this past Saturday was 32 miles (6 hours).
  • 33hrs 45m cross training in 32 days (average just over 1hr per session). Longest CT workout was  2hours elliptical and 1 hour spin yesterday.
  • 4 days skiing
  • 13hrs 30min of heat training in the sauna. Heat training is vital an in full swing. I will sit for 30-60 minutes every day until I leave for Death Valley on July 14th.
Long Run/Hill Repeats, 32miles at Bear Mountain 6/16/2012
I am grateful for all the support and I will carry all of your well wishes with me through these next several weeks and more importantly when I need it most, as I am struggling out there.

Peace and Have A Great Day


  1. Eric, you are going to knock it out of the park. Just don't run the bases too fast!!

    1. Thanks Will. Going to give it all I have!


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