Wednesday, June 6, 2012

TNF DC 50 Miler #4

This was my 4th year running this event. It was the most difficult the course has ever been. With several inches of rain the night before the first 15 miles along the Potomac Heritage Trail were filled with many inches and miles of water and muck. The same 15 miles on the return had been churned and mashed into sloppy slippery hard to handle mud.

This was supposed to be another training run for Badwater. Somehow, even with the difficult conditions, I was unable to hold back. I ran and shuffled every inch of the flats and ran or walked with authority up every hill. As I said in my Catskill 155 Facebook post, Anita carried me. 

When the day was done,

Hydration 40oz per hour was perfect
Nutrition was 3 hammer gels or 2 plus 1 serving heed per hour (all diluted in water) also perfect with no solid foods.
8:49:59 PR at the 50 mile distance.
35th place overall of 310
7th place in my age group of 72

Now to the most exciting part of the weekend. Tani started and finished her first half marathon in these difficult conditions.  I am so proud of and excited for her and can't wait to read her post about it. Yes, I just put her on the spot as a guest writer:)

That's right Baby, you did it!
Peace and Have A Great Day


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