Saturday, August 11, 2012

Badwater Stats

Not A Bad Pre/Post Race Choice
As I continue to pen our race journey I thought I would share some stats from the adventure. I am often asked about nutrition, hydration and gear. Below is a list of what I consumed and used during the race.

Fuel and Hydration

100 lbs of Ice Used
16 Gallons Water Consumption
20 Servings HEED
85 Hammer Gels:
6 Servings Ultragen:
65 S-Caps:
4 Red Bulls
2 Mountain Dews
1 Gatorade
2 VitaCoco
10 Turkey/Cheese Roll ups
1 Chicken Soup
1 PBJ Sandwich
1 Cantaloup


Nathan Handhelds
6 Pair Drymax Socks
3 Pair Shorts
5 Shirts
3 Pair Shoes
2 Hats
1 Solumbra Hat
Moeben Arm and Leg Sleeves
Bandanas (for ice)
Wristbands (for ice)
1 Pair Oakley Sunglasses

Night Gear

1 Fenix LD 22 Handheld Light
Nathan Streak Reflective Vest
Nathan LED Lights

The full story is coming soon. I promise.

Peace and Have A Great Day!


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